The Internet is slowing down because of Covid-19

Internet thế giới đang bị chậm lại  /// Ảnh chụp màn hình

The need for internet use at home is increasing when the Covid-19 pandemic spread around the world, resulting in continuous interruption of internet speed.

According to Mashable, – a web service based in Washington (USA) that provides and analyzes free internet access performance data, has performed a test that shows that the internet speed decreases worldwide.
Through the test, the internet speed is highly variable, especially in China, India, Japan and Malaysia. However, it seems that China has regained a steady pace starting in February 2020. In Malaysia and India, the average speed has dropped to below 80 Mbps since mid to late March, around the time when both countries imposed blockades.
European countries like Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain and Germany are also affected by the slow internet speed. But other countries like Austria, Italy and Germany still have a steady pace. However, in general most countries are affected by the internet connection speed.
To improve, some companies such as Netflix, YouTube … have changed the default streaming quality to reduce the burden.
Some governments have provided subsidies, such as the Malaysian government’s commitment to providing free home internet to users starting on April 1.4, estimated to be worth $ 138 million. Approximately USD 92 million will be allocated to improve the quality and stability of the domestic network.
According to Mashable, countries are now working to improve services and provide more stable internet connectivity.


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