Ho Chi Minh city “live slowly” for 2 weeks

Afternoon 24.3 Steering Committee for prevention of disease Covid-19 held an emergency meeting under the chairmanship of Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan, member of the Politburo, the Party Secretary of the city .HCM.

A pub (Tan Binh) know about the direction of the HCMC People's Committee should afternoon clearing discontinued business 24.3 (Photo: Independence)
A pub (Tan Binh) know about the direction of the HCMC People’s Committee should afternoon clearing discontinued business 24.3 (Photo: Independence)

Report at the meeting, Nguyen Tan Binh, Director of City Health Department , said that preventive war Covid-19 has entered into phase 2 with the European center. Experts predicted that Vietnam will have thousands of cancers.

Three risk of infection

Since the outbreak, there were 350,000 people on entry into Vietnam, including about 100,000 from the United States and Europe. Those who have gone through many local, exposed hundreds of Vietnam so when detecting an infected channel, looking for contacts with the risk of infection will be very hard. Three days, the health sector continuously detects positive cases across the country, including more than 14 days incubation shifts as case patients (BN) 100th in District 8.
Director of the Department of Health said the biggest risk was translated from the Tan Son Nhat airport, Noi Bai and domestic flights from the service area of the city. The second is the risk of infection in the community by many students and tourists to Vietnam before the forced isolation focus went to many places. The third source of transmission of the staff in direct contact with people from endemic areas, even with protective gear.
To prevent the risk of infection in the community, Mr. Binh suggested stop all vehicles, including buses, for taxis do not use air conditioning, always open the glass door open and the driver wearing a mask and hygiene after each passenger car.

The store is not really necessary, should be closed, the bars, the pub does not open the freezer, service personnel must wear a mask and regularly cleaning the table after your use, tourists do not practice Group loyalty than 10 people, keep a safe distance of 2 m, limited assembly. The hostel reception to quarantine people to relieve all students, students also stayed to limited sources of infection.

A bad begining makes a good ending

Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan, member of the Politburo and Secretary of the HCM City Party, analyze some prevention lessons of Japan, Korea and the Steering Committee recommended prevention services Covid-19 of HCM research, deployment.
In particular, definitive stop source services from outside, have to handle the risk of infection when getting children of Vietnam from foreign countries, people wear masks when going out into the street, closed operations east people … Particularly religious activities, he’s religious Committee recommended the Department of Foreign Affairs to work with religious leaders in the city to respect the discussion.
Nhan stressed that the country had two weeks to determine whether the fight against Covid-19 and “if miss this golden opportunity and he can not be the fault history.” Therefore, the city must make drastic preventive measures, not to exceed 150 infected people to contribute to control of the country’s cases under 500 ca.
“As the number of cases grows, there are thousands of the new hospital site nor resolved well”, he’s worried.
Party Secretary of the proposal in the next 2 weeks, the people trying to “be harder to later better off”, if still living as normal, then the country will face difficulties. “Hair is not very long away from the cut. Do not buy shoes, clothes at home to keep themselves safe, “he’s shared and require TP to discuss technical solutions to reduce the people out of the way voluntarily to minimize the risk of infection in the community . In addition, the city needs to increase surveillance measures, detection and timely isolation cases roadblock close contact to squelch.
The same day, the MPC pause directing the activities of entertainment, restaurants, beer club; business establishments catering service with capacity of 30 persons or more; billiards club, gym, beauty establishments, hair salons, barber locality to end on 31.3.
He’s said the city will not stop all services and the health sector proposed guidelines styled restaurant is open, if the restaurant does not serve directly, but sellers are not brought there …

Source: Thanhnien.vn