Supporting the pandemic investor Covid-19, the Ministry of Finance reduced and completely exempted some Stock service since March 19

Service price traded on the base market, derivatives market; Securities depository service will be reduced by 10%

In the context of complicated developments of the epidemic Covid-19, the production – business enterprises facing difficulties, the stock market fell sharply, affecting the interests of investors, the Minister Finance has direct relevant agencies to review all services by the State securities valuation, based on which was promptly issued Circular No. 14/2020 / TT-BTC dated 18/3 / 2020, of which declined and completely free collection of 15 types of securities services to support the stock market before the impact of translation Covid-19, as follows:

Discount 10% – 50% range of services base stock, derivative

Accordingly, transaction services on the basis of the market, the derivatives market; securities custody services will be reduced by 10%.

Service Management position, managing collateral on derivative securities market will be reduced from 15% – 20%.

Management services listed warrants secured; service done right; transfer of securities services; auction services, competitive offering will be reduced from 30% – 50%.

No fee, totally 6 services for free

In addition, the Ministry of Finance will not charge, completely free for 6 services include: Service listing registration; registration of securities; online service that connects the first time; loan services, securities lending through the VSD system; Register derivative securities transactions; Register clearing.

On the basis of the discounted services specified in this Circular, organizations providing services in the field of securities specified in Article 2 of Circular No. 128/2018 / TT-BTC dated 27/12/2018 implementation even discounting services under their respective suppliers to support organizations and individuals use the services affected by the epidemic Covid-19, in accordance with the actual service providers, provisions price laws and related legislation.

Time to apply discounts and free of charge using the services specified in the Circular at least within 5 months (from 03/19/2020 to end on 08/31/2020). Where Covid-19 situation continues complicated, the Minister of Finance will review, decided to extend the period of application of this Circular in case of necessity.