Our Companies

Here are our leading agency network in Vietnam. They are very professional with local touch. They cover from communications, production to commerce and even technology development.


They plan, they combine, they conquer any fast & furious campaign.


With more than 20 members in our team, we cover any complex and creative digital brief to make our client happy.

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Digital is in our blood. We brew our campaign with digital tech passion.

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Branding & Creativity

Kato Shigeyoshi

From traditional product packaging to trending posm at market place to attract customer, we can offer you all solutions. 


Creativity needs efforts and courage.

Market &


We own and build special eco-system. We can plan and execute in industrial zone, hospital, luxury clubs and start-up network.


Industrial Zones


Employee Benefit Programme was built in 2017. We aim to offer future solution for employee to get good benefits from society. The programme attracts a lot of brands and angel investors.  




We are the strategic partner of Tho Xuan Duong clinic. We help them to build brand and commercialise their products.


Luxury Club

The Master Club was built in order to offer best knowledge to members. With our master list, we continue to strive our path to young entrepreneur success..


Start-up Network


In order to help the creative movement of Vietnam’s start-ups, we contribute a small hub at Floor 8th, National Startup Center, 1196 3/2 Street, District 11. This hub connect and help all new start-ups with free academy, marketing build-up and commercial consultation.


Greenlife Travel

From all over Vietnam, we met in Ho Chi Minh City, here, we connect members with the same passion educating and training youngsters. With that foundation, we create many creative training programme for business, corporation and entrepreneurs. 

We thrive with creative and passion to help people acquire new skill, changing mindset. It’s beyond a trip and a training course.