MSMEs in Vietnam

We have a believe that Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Vietnam content a lot of potentials. 

Because of our extensive global network and in-region operational experience, Tre Viet Group can provide those companies critical repositioning of market development objectives. Enterprises seeking to expand their presence and operations within Vietnam can now take advantage of the Tre Viet Group’s operational expertise.

We can act as both advisors and principals on behalf of our clients to achieve their international growth objectives and enhance shareholder value with liquidity events.

Business & Project Advisory


Performance Improvement Processes

Profit & Loss Statement Analysis


We are dedicated to meeting the extraordinary expectations of our investors. Our aligned interests, unique stand-out investment strategies and the ability to source proprietary investment opportunities not only deliver transformational value but go beyond to create satisfactory and long-term business relationships.


Our team members take a hands-on, execution-focused approach for our stakeholder clients. We leverage our relationships and resources to deliver the optimum solution to our clients. We are truly global-minded professionals that understand how to balance corporate objectives, capital markets and international laws with local culture, languages and relationship dynamics. Tre Viet Group brings together recognised expertise in financial management, international business development, business operations, and global inter-cultural communications capabilities.


Evolving global and emerging markets are on a path of growth that requires experienced operating partners and capital sources with long-term perspectives. Our unique global footprint, with in-country affiliates and advisors, allow us to be the bridge between underserved markets and institutional investors. Our global, interconnected workforce, multi-lingual skills and management diversity create a distinct advantage for businesses seeking cross-border private equity.

It’s Now or Never

We back Ambitious Teams with Bold Ideas to solve Hard Valuable problems
for a Global Impact

We dig Deep Tech that’s far ahead of everyone else and delivers 10x improvements Exponential startups have specific operational structures and processes that unleash explosive growth.

Our team relentlessly pursues its search for the ultimate combination of ambition, bold ideas potentially impacting hundreds of thousands and possibly billions of people and brilliant, courageous teams with specific operating genes, harnessing the power of exponential technologies to solve hard, valuable problems.


The first thing that we look at is whether the team shares and lives by a Massive Transformative Purpose. Because the secret to motivating all stakeholders (not only the founding team but whole communities and evangelists) to do great things like solving big problems is a big purpose.

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strategic corporate consulting

By aligning both high-level and middle-management constituents in targeted family owned and operated private organizations, we can generate investor decision-making buy-in and critical technical interest in our clients’ products and services to attract new private equity capital. Our ability to do this stems from our years of collective global business execution and strategy know-how as well as long-standing key business and regional relationships.

private equity advisory

We work alongside company management as “added value operating partners” to create new performance and growth plans utilizing new private equity capital.

Our operating teams address liquidity concerns, review financial business plan assumptions and projections, assist in implementation of operational restructuring, and creation of a 100 Day Plan – post closing.

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We collected data and conducted marketing research studies for more than 7 years in Vietnam. The experience gained over the years bridge all industries including tourism, industrial work, healthcare, banking, automotive, manufacturing, retail and distribution.

Mr. Pham Quoc Khanh


Passion in all we do.



He is in the field of intensive research and practical applications. 

He spent more than 20 years consulting and practicing market for best group companies in Vietnam, such as Vingroup, Long Beach Pearl, Trung Nguyen Group,

As Tre Viet Group’s Chairman, he has helped a lot of MSEMs find its way to ultimate international resources.

He is also Managing Director of Happy Land Park, APU Travel. He is also the director of Global Visa Center: providing travel, study and settle visa procedures in Australia, USA, Canada, Japan …

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Marketing Expert

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Finance Expert

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