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As with all industries, the spread of Covid-19 has put strains on all facets of the media industry, including marketing, advertising and editorial teams. As part of an ongoing project, Adweek has solicited stories of those who have been furloughed, laid off or otherwise affected by the pandemic. If you’ve been affected, please consider submitting your story here.

What’s your experience been like during Covid-19?

Covid has been challenging. I’ve been laid off for three weeks now and just trying to stay grounded, but I do have moments of anxiety and discomfort. I understand that its a competitive job market so I’ve been patient, but NYS unemployment has been extremely difficult to navigate and bills need to get paid. It’s a delicate balancing act managing my emotional and mental well-being while applying for unemployment, relevant jobs and networking on LinkedIn.

Bernice Veloz

What’s your hope for the media industry post-Covid-19?

The industry is quite fascinating right now, ripe with innovation and ideas. My hope is that brands shift the narrative to forge a more authentic relationship with audiences. We’re all in this together. It’s been great to see brands pivot to address this.

What is your motivation behind working in the industry? What are some memorable experiences you’ve had during your employment in the media industry?

This industry is my calling. I am a multicultural marketing guru in training that loves shaping the narrative of how brands connect with this unique and special audience. My entire career has been quite memorable, both good and bad. One of my favorite memories is working the Latin Grammy Awards with Univision on behalf of Metro by T-Mobile. The event is grandiose; the collaboration and camaraderie among all the brands, agencies, media platforms to bring the night of life was incredible to experience firsthand.


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