Coworking Space – New Trend In Viet Nam

Coworking space

Are you looking for a comfortable, professional, flexible and cost-effective workplace?

Coworking space can help you to solve the problem.

What is coworking space?

Coworking Space is a place where small businesses and individuals share workspace together. Suitable for freelancers, startup, IT workers or creative groups. In addition, you can use the meeting room or pantry,…

What is advantages?

1. Flexible working environment:

You can expand your team without having to change work location.

2. Expand relationship:

You can meet many people from many fields. That’s good for learning.

3. Reduce office spending:

Minimize costs such as: office setup, stationery, monthly operating costs.

4. Boost up business growth:

You can find clients in the coworking space. Or get advices for your own business.

5. Find your fellows:

Working with your fellows to improve visibility and easily achieve your goals.

6. Work together and learn new skills:

Coworking Space helps members collaborate with those around them to learn and exchange new skills together

7. Support mental health:

Social and in-house events at co-working space help all members to reduce stress.

8. Get higher productivity, more success:

Working with fellows makes you feel more energetic, create smooth workflows, increase your skills and productivity

9. Share inspiration:

Lots of experts, startups, freelancers, artists, entrepreneurs, etc. come to our place to share their visions, ideas and advices.

Through this article, Tre Viet Group would like to show you a great low-cost solution to boost up your business.

If you find out any other advantages of our model compared with traditional offices, please tell us at the comment section!

Toss Lab raises $13 million Series B for its collaboration platform JANDI, the ‘Slack of Asia’

Toss Lab, Inc. provider of the enterprise collaboration tool JANDI, raised $13 million in Series B funding. The round was led by SoftBank Ventures Asia and includes investments from SV Investment, Atinum Investment, Must Asset Management, Shinhan Capital, SparkLabs, and T Investment.

With this latest round of funding, the company has become the first player in the collaboration space in Korea to raise over $20 million to date.

JANDI is an enterprise team collaboration platform with a suite of productivity tools that include topic-based group chat, task management, video conferencing, and 3rd party app integrations. Recognized as the leading collaboration software provider in Korea and Taiwan, JANDI has seen a revenue growth of over 100% in the last 3 years, with the highest number of downloads on the Google Play Store among other local collaboration tools. 

CEO and Managing Partner of SoftBank Ventures Asia, JP Lee says, “JANDI, which has seen consistent and steady growth since 2014, is aiming to become the leading collaboration tool in Asia.” He adds, “COVID-19 has provided a prime opportunity for collaboration tools like JANDI, as the outbreak has prompted companies to look for solutions that enable a remote workforce, with minimal impact on employee productivity.”

In a time when digital transformation is crucial for companies to sustain operations, JANDI’s enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) solution has become an essential tool for ensuring business continuity.

JANDI’s 200,000 customers range from SMBs to large enterprise companies such as LG CNS, CJ, Nexen Tire, and Cosmax. With multi-language support including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese, JANDI has expanded beyond Korea to Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Middle East.

CEO Matthew Kim says “With this round of funding, we plan to accelerate our sales and marketing efforts and recruit new talent for the global teams. This is one step closer to establishing JANDI as the leader in enterprise collaboration tools in Asia.”

Company Overview:

Toss Lab, Inc.

A “toss” means a throw or fling of something, and “lab” is an abbreviation for laboratory. As indicated in the company name, Toss Lab allows its employees to express their ideas without restraint and research ways to make communication among office workers more efficient. The company’s flagship product, named JANDI, is No.1 collaboration tool in Asia that provides better communication and online co-work culture at workplace.