At a glance of Tre Viet Group

7 years


We’re established in 2013, with the ambition focusing marketing for motor oil.



We come together as one but we still keep the culture of member companies uniqued. Tre Viet Group also manages Floor 8th of National Startup Support Center at 1196 3/2 St., D11



Our target is to find the talent and grow them. Once their talent proved, the company grows. Our clients are ones who benefits.


Senior Experts

We put all of our expert in consulting board. This way, when we come out and do planning for you. We can make sure you are in good hands.



Execution for a holistic marketing campaign require skilled workforce. We grow our group culture strong and suitable for Vietnam’s SMEs. 




You might not see many works in our public portfolio. We worked for world’s best companies, and with it comes a high degree of discretion. Let’s schedule a personal meeting with you to showcase our work across 360 channels. We believe to offer you our best holistic marketing partner.


Understanding digital behaviour is very critical nowadays. It’s different from traditional channels. Our passion in digital product helps us to evolve brand from traditional world to digital universe. Fully consultation from creating logo to building digital or traditional product.


Our founder team & board of directors are people who built their own businesses and were successful. With their deep experience, including creating direct-to-consumer platforms and helping clients navigate marketplaces from traditional to online, we provide cutting-edge commerce solutions – both online and offline. 


From founders to our board of management obsessed with tech. We are pioneering in managing consumer data in different category, such as car lovers, industrial employee, professionals or even students.